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HIC1000 Sprinter Van system


The HIC1000 is a two function high idle system.  It interfaces with the vehicle's ECM to provide one preset high idle speed that can be manually engaged with the supplied "High Idle" switch.  It also has a selectable battery charge protect mode that automatically engages the high idle when the a battery voltage level below 13.0V is detected.


Interfaces with:

2004 through 2006 Dodge/Chrysler Sprinter Vans 2.7 liter Diesel Engine

The HIC1000 has two activation options:  Manual On and Battery Charge Protect. 


Manual On function
Activates when 12 volts is applied to the “Manual On” terminal. 


Battery Charge Protect funtion
When using the BCP mode, the HIC1000 high idle function will activate automatically when the battery voltage drops below 13.0V for longer than 5 seconds.  This mode can be used when running a dual alternator/battery system by connecting the 12V terminal to the battery system to be monitored. 

When the BCP activates, the “Low Voltage” led will flash.  Once the high idle engages, the led will stay lit. The led will also come on when the high idle is turned on manually.

Once active, the elevated idle can be deactivated by pressing the ‘High Idle’ switch ON, and then OFF. The high idle will then turn off.  However, if the voltage is still sensed below 13V for a period of 5 seconds the high idle will turn back on.

If the BCP mode is not enabled, the manual mode will still function

As a safety precaution, the high idle will deactivate if the parking brake is released.  The engine rpm will return to normal. The high idle will not reactivate after re-applying the parking brake.  The HIC1000 must be reset be pressing the high idle switch twice.  Other vehicle conditions must be met to enable the high idle.  They are:

  • Parking brake applied
  • Foot off service brake
  • Vehicle in PARK (automatic transmission)
  • Foot off clutch (manual transmission)
  • Vehicle speed is 0 mph (stationary)

Common Uses:

Refrigerated Transport Vehicles
Prisoner Transport Vehicles
Shuttle Buses

Note: If the vehicle’s ECM does not have the constant rpm control feature enabled, it must be programmed by the dealer. Instructions for programming the ECM can be found on page 6 and 7 of Installation Instructions.