Programmable Switch Panel System
Multiplex System

Vehicle Control Systems Multiplex Data Sheet

Programmable Switch Panel System - Multiplex System

The VCM-S is an advanced solution that enables 12 volt devices and functions to be managed from a central unit and switch panel. Think of it this way, the VCM-S is the brain, controlling the various organs of a vehicle's electrical system. With the VCM-S, the electrical system can be controlled with great flexibility and large control configurations can be implemented while minimizing installation time and hardware needs. The VCM-S is a smart solution for lowering your and getting the exact functionality wanted for a vehicle.

A simple VCM-S system configuration consists of a Switch Module (SM) connected to a Power Module (PM) via a 4-wire communications logic cable. The SM contains six pushbuttons, although it is available in eight, ten, and twelve button models. The SM also has the application program memory. Custom configurations are also available. Each switch position contains a pushbutton switch and a status LED indicator directly above the switch. The switches contain custom legends that are backlit for night viewing. The PM contains six 12 volt output power switches for operating customer devices such as dome lights, strobe lights, and high idle engine throttles. The PM also contains four digital inputs that can be activated by remote devices such as ignition switch power, limit switches, or relay contacts.

The system can be expanded by using a switch module with more pushbutton switches and additional power modules.

Flow Chart of Multiplex System

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