Locker Switches

Jeep JK Front and Rear Locker Switch Kit

  • Replacement locker switches allow driver to operate Front and Rear lockers independently in 2WD, 4WD High, and 4WD Low.
  • Allows you to position switches to desired location.
  • Kit included a locker disable switch.
  • Locker switches are screen printed and illuminated.
  • All parts are high quality, NO cheap Radio Shack or Wal-mart parts.
  • No wire cutting, kit includes Posi-Tap connectors.
  • Factory locker switch remains operational.
  • Detailed easy to follow directions.

Kit includes:

  1. Front prewired Locker Switch (1)
  2. Rear prewired Locker Switch (1)
  3. Disable Switch prewired (1)
  4. Posi-Tap connector (4)
  5. Zip Ties (10)
  6. Wire Loom (10')
  7. Crimp connector (1)
  8. Cable Clamp (3)
  • With this kit you will be able to operate your lockers independently in any tranfercase position and at any speed.
  • The locker switches can be installed in a more desirable location for easier access.
  • For safety, we have included a locker disable switch. Turning this switch off disables the locker switches so they can't be activated, for instance when traveling at highway speeds.