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HIC900 Throttle Controller for 2005 and newer

The HIC900 provides stable RPM levels for both Gas and Diesel engines, due to its unique voltage regulation method. This means that the RPM level will not fluctuate when applying high electrical demands, such as aftermarket inverters or generators


RPM ranges are as follows:

  • Diesel engines: 1200 RPM to 2400 RPM
  • Gasoline engines: 900 RPM to 2250 RPM

Interfaces with:

2005 and newer Ford Super Duty F-Series light trucks F-250/350/450/550 (all powertrains)

2005 and newer E-Series Vans E-250/350/450 (all powertrains)


By interfacing with the Stationary Elevated Idle Control (SEIC) capability built in to most 2005 and newer Ford trucks and vans, the HIC900 provides 5 modes of operations: There are three user adjustable fast idle presets, RPM1, RPM2, RPM3, which are activated by a 12V signal. There is a Charge Protect Mode (BCP) which prevents a heavy electrical load from draining the vehicle’s battery, and a Variable Speed input, VAR, which uses a 10K/10 turn potentiometer. These 5 modes are prioritized, based on how the installer wires the unit up. The prioritization is as follows:

  1. RPM1
  2. RPM2
  3. RPM3
  4. VAR (Variable RPM)
  5. BCP (Battery Charge Protect)

The unit has corresponding LEDs which will indicate which mode is active


The SEIC wiring harness is a bundled of blunt cut wires which are wrapped and tagged SEIC. In F-series trucks, this harness is located under the dash, above the parking brake pedal assembly. In E-series vans, the harness is located in the engine compartment, running below the windshield/cowl.


The Battery Charge Protect (BCP) feature can be used on both gas and diesel engines. Idle speed will elevate to the RPM3 set point when the battery voltage is sensed below 13.0V for 5 seconds and will turn off after 5 minutes if sensed above 13.7V. If the voltage is below 13.7V after the 5 minutes, the elevated idle will remain on and repeat the cycle. Elevated idle can be turned off prior to the 5 minute interval if the voltage is above 13.0V by depressing the service brake. The BCP LED on the controller indicates a low voltage condition by flashing. Engine idle is only elevated when low battery voltage is sensed, eliminating unnecessary engine revving

Common Uses:

Shuttle Buses

Limousine and Party Buses

Tow trucks

Carpet Cleaning Vans


Command Vehicles

Commuter Assistance Vehicles

Ford High Idle Controller models, 1994 1/2 to present:

Model Year Engine Transmission Functions Controller
F-Series, E-Series 1994 1/12
- 2004
7.3 L Diesel Auto 3 Presets, Adjustable ETM-40C
F-Series, E-Series 1994 1/12
- 2004
7.3 L Diesel Manual 3 Presets, Adjustable ETM-40B
F-Series, E-Series 2003
- 2004
6.0 L Diesel Auto / Manual 3 Presets, Adjustable ETM-40C
F-Series, E-Series
250, 350, 450. 550 (Must have SEIC)
2005 and newer All Auto / Manual 3 Presets, Adjustable
Charge Protect
Variable Speed Control
E-Series 1997
- 2004
5.4L Gas
6.8L Gas
Auto 1 Preset, Adjustable Charge Protect PI-1016
Expedition 1997
- 2006
7.3 L Diesel or 6.0 L Diesel Auto 3 Presets, Adjustable ETM-40C-MC
Excursion 2000
7.3 L Diesel or 6.0 L Diesel Auto 3 Presets, Adjustable ETM-40C-MC
2009 and newer 4.6L, 5.4L, 6.8L Gas Auto 2 Preset, Adjustable Charge Protect HIC1200