Warning Lamp Flashers

Warning Lamp Flashers Data Sheet

InPower's advanced power electronics technology has yielded a unique family of specialized warning lamp flasher products, including our SBF-90 and SBF-94 eight lamp flashers praised throughout the school bus industry. In addition to vehicle specific flashers, we also carry universal alternating flashers, part of our Vehicle Control Module family.

General Information
All InPower flashers are designed to continue operation under the most extreme operating conditions with numerous safety features such as a highly efficient power switching circuits that generate very little heat. The flashers have smaller packaging and footprints, an important consideration with all of the wiring needed on vehicles. Lastly, our flashers are designed to work with halogen or LED lights.

Warning Lamp Flasher images and descriptions

Warning Lamp Flasher descriptions and drawings

Warning Lamp Flashers
School Bus 8-Lamp Flashers
SBF-90 Fast-on connections
SBF-94 Amp connector

Ambulance Flashers
4860GCPE Alternating flasher

Universal Flashers
VCM-08 Alternating flasher