Low Voltage Disconnects

Low Voltage Disconnects Data Sheet

Our Low Voltage Disconnects protect your battery's charge by automatically disconnecting non-critical loads. They come in several models to suit your needs including full blown solid state contactors and simple power switches. Whatever the model, safety features are intrinsic to the design. These include over current shutdown, a durable metal case for harsh automotive environments, and fully electronic functionality for the ultimate in performance.

  • 100% solid state functionality
  • Numerous safety features
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Standard automotive layout
  • Socket harness assembly available
product descriptions and images

product descriptions and drawings

Low Voltage Disconnects
LVD10 Family
100 or 200 amp
8.0 or 11.5 volt disconnect switch

Vehicle Control Modules
VCM-06 (15 amp)
VCM-12 (20 amp)