FMVSS Interlocks

FMVSS Interlocks Data Sheet

InPower's interlock product family provides the required FMVSS 403 platform lift interlocks for Ford E-Series vans, and Chevy/GMC vans, and C4500/5500 chassis. These systems employ "plug and play" chassis interface harnesses. They are extremely reliable and very cost effective. InPower's interlock systems interface directly to Braun, Ricon, and Maxon commercial platform lifts. Interlocks include status indicators. For fast idle control, InPower's ETM-52 can be used in conjunction with our interlocks.

Ford E-Series
ITM-122 2009
ITM-123 + display 2009

GM Vans
C4500, C5500
ITM-131 + display 2005-2009

Interlock Fast Idle
ETM-52 2009 select Ford/GM