Electronic Throttle Controls

Electronic Throttle Controls Data Sheet

InPower's fast idle electronic throttles provide elevated engine idle speed when the vehicle is stationary. This increased speed provides higher power levels for heavy alternator loads, air conditioner systems, and power take-off (PTO) applications. InPower's throttles are fully interlocked to ensure safe operation in an elevated idle mode. Individually adjustable speed presets allow different speeds for multiple applications, such as air compressors or aerial lifts. A data link to the engine controller ensures precise speed control, interlocking, and operation of the diagnostic LED indicators.

Product descriptions and images

4-5 modes of fast idle:
ETM-40 1994-2004 Diesel
ETM-51 2005+ Gas & Diesel

3-5 modes of fast idle:
ETM-64 2002-07 Gas & Diesel
ETM-67A 2007+ Gas & Diesel
ETM-68A 2007+ Gas & Diesel
ETM-61 2003-07 Gas & Diesel

Ford & GM Compatible
2 modes of fast idle:
ETM-52 2008+ Gas & Diesel

3 modes of fast idle:
ETM-80 6.7 Liter Automatic
ETM-81 6.7 Liter Manual